get online

small business websiteGoogle recently asked on their Small Business Blog, “if you had one wish for your small business in 2011, what would it be?” and then posted We asked You Told Us summary of the results.  The number one overwhelming theme for small business owners was to move it online.  From moving their business online with a website to finding more online resources to help a business grow.

Business owners are looking for more resources to connect with customers and understand how to use social media.  The survey respondents acknowledged they are receiving more referrals online and want to understand how to maximize that.

Ten percent of the respondents said they want to “Get Found Online” by users searching for their product or service.

I am glad to see small business owners asking for more resources and looking for ways to use their website to connect with customers.  We begin 2011 with a wealth of resources available for free to make these things happen, but sometimes free is not easy.  Here at 44ideas, I will continue to blog about WordPress and search engine optimization techniques to help simplify the basic need to “move it online”.

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