WordPress for Collaboration

WordPress has so many uses from your blog to your business website, but look at this … how about a private, password protected project or collaboration site.  Find out how to build a project collaboration site for free using WordPress.

If you are working with a team of folks via the internet this gives you a great place to store and share your work.  You can easily post updates, attach files, images, links etc.  Each user has their own user name and password so if someone leaves the group or gets on your nerves you can remove them as a user.

The P2 Theme recommended in the link above is a real time communication tool.  This is what P2 says about their theme:

A group blog theme for short update messages, inspired by Twitter. Featuring: Hassle-free posting from the front page. Perfect for group blogging, or as a liveblog theme. Dynamic page updates. Threaded comment display on the front page. In-line editing for posts and comments. Live tag suggestion based on previously used tags. A show/hide feature for comments, to keep things tidy. Real-time notifications when a new comment or update is posted.

If you are working with others and tired of endless emails, attachments and file revisions then using WordPress for your project might speed it along with less headaches.

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