How to create Tables for your website

Putting a table on your website will help you explain data in an easy to digest way for your customers. Here is an example of one we created over at Home Health Testing:

drug test detection times

Create the table in Microsoft Word which allows you easily add the text, colors and formatting. Once your table is ready in Word, use Select All and Copy. Then open the graphics program you use or just open Paint and Paste it in there. We used Paint and then used Save As to save the jpeg which could then be imported to our website.

While the table makes the information easier to read for a web visitor, the data is not available to search engines since it is now embedded in an image. Below the table you should still put the information in text format so that search engines will know what your page is about. Making your table in Word makes it visually pleasing to engage your readers, but the rest of the text on the page gets it found by searchers on the web. Remember, your website has to be found to be relevant.

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