Small Business Website Survey

I did a survey of six web design firms in Wilmington, NC, to find out what they would charge for a simple website for a small business.  The average quote to build a small business website was $2,340.   The quotes came from six web design firms and ranged from $1,000 – $5,000.

My request was for a small business site with only a few pages about my business and contact information, but that I wanted a website that I could update myself and easily add information to.  The quotes did not include hosting, but just to build the website.

Most firms quoted both a custom site and a site built from a template.  The range of prices quoted for a custom site was $1,200 – 5,000 with the average being $3,040.  The range of quotes for a site built from a template was $1,000 – $3,500 with the average being $1,640.

There are businesses that have special needs and must have custom website development.  But there are an overwhelming number of small business that need a basic website with a place for them to contribute their own content about their services.  Should this cost $2,340?

For many small businesses, NO.  A WordPress site with a free template can be set up for just the cost of hosting which is $7-9 per month.  Or if you don’t feel comfortable setting it up yourself, you can find someone to install WordPress and your template for about $100.

In my next few posts I will outline the steps to set up your website and give you the resources to get it done without spending $2,340.

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