Google’s new Small Business Blog

All businesses need to pay attention to Google and the services they offer, but it just got a little easier for small businesses as Google launched the Google Small Business Blog:

“a central hub that brings together all the information about our products, features and projects of specific interest to the small business community”

For small businesses with a website, monitoring your search engine rankings and your Google Place Page is imperative.  So keep up with Google’s take on how they can help a small business with their new small business blog.

Previously, you could follow their small business label on the Google Blog which has some great articles and real life examples of how business owners have used the internet and Google to market their businesses.

Why does Google care about small businesses? According to the SBA Office of Advocacy, in 2008 there were 29.6 million small businesses in the United States.  While many Google services are free, the selling of ads (Adwords) is Google’s main revenue stream, I think 29.6 million potential customers is worth wooing.

As Google says on their new blog:

“Most every business, including ours, starts small. These days, technology is giving businesses even more ways to grow bigger… faster.”  Google Small Business Blog

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